Our mission is to graduate citizens of excellence who observe, think, and articulate with humility, reason, and clarity for the glory of God.

In February of 2017, a 58-acre parcel of land was purchased by Sandhills Classical Christian School for the development of a campus…a permanent home…a place on which to fulfill our mission of providing excellent classical Christian education to the children of the Sandhills. The school has already become an oasis for hundreds of students, staff, and families. And as the campus expands, there will be additional opportunities for learning, collaboration, and fellowship. Newly created spaces will enable the school to host concerts, sporting events, drama performances, exhibitions, and inspiring lecture series. By God’s grace, this is where we are headed.

William Fields

Chairman of the Board

Our Plan

  • Fine Arts
  • Athletics

All art—whether painting, dancing, music, drama, or literature—is a gift of God. The Lord, who created all things, gives us our aesthetic standard for what is true, good, and beautiful.

At Sandhills Classical Christian School, we are working to reclaim the arts for Christ and resurrect their true purpose, which is to illuminate God’s truth. The art we make reflects what we believe about the Triune God. When God created all things, He gave us a paint box of many tools, including joy, laughter, comedy, sorrow, pain, tragedy, light, and dark. Here at SCCS we use the gifts and tools that He has given us in order to explore His creation, His character, and His story.
All students at Sandhills Classical Christian School, including preschool, have opportunities to participate in fine arts programs through regularly scheduled classes. K-12 students can further their exploration of the arts through our robust elective programs.
The new SCCS Arts & Athletic Center, complete with performance stage, band/choir room, art suite, and music practice rooms, will be a home for such artistic expression.

At Sandhills Classical Christian School, we believe that athletics are an ideal complement to academics and the arts in the overall classical educational experience for our students. We believe that it is essential to train the body, renew the mind, and encourage the spirit in the mind of Christ. This development equips our students to go forth in the world as confident, strategic, strong, and intentional adults with a goal of expanding the kingdom of God in the world and deepening their own relationship with their heavenly Father.

We believe our students to be God’s workmanship, created in Christ for good works He prepared in advance for them to do. That means it is our goal to help each student find, develop, and perfect their unique gifts and abilities. Our new competition fields and Arts & Athletics Center, complete with a full-size gymnasium, training/conditioning suite, and locker rooms, will provide spaces for students to test their ability and character.

As a program, our students, coaches, and parents will respect our opponents, our authorities, and our results with a mind of being a witness toward a greater calling—that of the prize of the high calling of Jesus Christ.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Our Plan

Campaign Goal: $1.5 million

From the beginning, Sandhills Classical Christian School has depended on the support of family and friends both inside and outside the school community to help fulfill our mission and vision. Indeed, a number of people have already sacrificed and given generously. Thanks to their kind gifts, we now have a unified campus with two academic buildings.

Now it’s our turn! Will you join us? We’re asking everyone to prayerfully consider investing in this spacious Arts & Athletics Center for all our students. In order to make this dream a reality, we’ll need strong support.


As the Lord provides, there are many campus expansion projects just over the horizon:

  • Sports Pavilion
  • Preschool Building
  • Administrative Building
  • Library/Conference Center
  • Baseball Field
  • Tennis Courts

Will you partner with us?

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Ways to give

A pledge is a commitment made in good faith, allowing you to spread your payments over a two- to three-year period. Lending institutions typically consider eighty percent of signed pledge cards as equity for the school…a tremendous blessing as we work to secure a construction loan.

When you make a cash gift, you are entitled to a charitable deduction against income in the year in which you make the gift. SCCS is a nonprofit organization, listed as a 501c(3) entity.

Wills and bequests permit donors to commit assets that they might need during their lifetimes, allowing significantly larger gifts and reducing estate taxes. Please consult your tax advisor to determine the implications of the options listed above.

Donors whose employers match charitable contributions to secondary schools may further enhance a gift to our campaign. Please contact the appropriate office within your company or the development office at Sandhills Classical Christian School to find out if your employer or parent corporation will match your gift.

On securities and property subject to long-term capital gains, full current value is usually deductible, and the donor avoids capital gains tax on the profit.